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When using Catmint, it will relax you. Very suitable after work or you feel like staying home to just relax. Stress will float away. It will improve your sleep.

It produces a relaxed high feeling and stimulates the imagination and spirituality.

Catmint is a relaxing herb. Very suitable when you feel like staying home to relax. Put on some music and let all your stress float away. It has a nice flavor. Cats seem to like it too, when they eat it they apparently become very excited.

It produces a comfortable, relaxed high-feeling and stimulates the imagination.

To make a tea, take 25 grams and boil it together shortly with 1 liter of water.

Leave it for 15 minutes and then add honey.

Cats seem to have a special preference for this plant. They always look for it and when they obtain it, they become very excited.

Catmint can be used in combination with Galangal, Damiana and Valerian root.


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