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Wild Lettuce

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wild lettuce

Wild lettuce is used as a relaxing and soothing herbal tea.
The operation is similar to opium, but without the addictive effects.
It ensures a better night's sleep.

The herb also has aphrodisiac properties.

Wild lettuce can be drunk as tea:
leaves 1 to 2 teaspoons a quarter cup of boiled water in a draw.
This should be drunk three times daily.

Another method is the creation of an extract.
Soak a few grams of wild lettuce in warm water (not boiling) for 8 hours.
Strain and press all the moisture from the wild lettuce.
Join the dark liquid in a pan and let the moisture evaporate.
By the pan with the liquid in a larger pan with boiling water to turn, you avoid wild lettuce burned.
At the end you keep a sort of gummy substance that can be used as opium.
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