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Stacker 2 Ephedra Free 100 caps

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Stacker 2 (ephedra free):

This Stacker 2 has been specially fabricated for people who are oversensitive to ephedra. The component ephedra has been replaced by synefedrin, which is closely related to ephedra, but doesnĺt cause the restless feeling many people get when using ephedra.


The Stacker 2 speeds up digestion, gives a lot of energy and dissolves feelings of hunger. Due to the thoughtfully designed mix of Synephedrin, Colanut, White Willow Bark and Chromium Picolinate a very powerful fatburner arises. Stacker 2 is an excellent product to lose weight and gives you just that little bit of extra energy that you need.

Usage :

1 capsule a day, before dinner. To reduce the chance of side-effects you can use the on-off scheme when losing weight: Use Stacker 2 for 5 to 6 weeks, then take a 2 to 3 weeks break, then use 5 to 6 weeks Stacker 2 again, etc. You can use Stacker 2 to relax the respiratory organs as well, and against astma and common cold as well.


Colanut, yerba mate, Cassia mimosoides extract, white willow bark, caffeine, Tri-GuggLyptoid complex consisting of green tea, guggulsterone and gymnema. Warning:

Do not use Stacker 2 if you suffer from high blood pressure, cardial diseases, pregnancy or if your are a diabetic. Do not use Stacker 2 for a period longer than two months
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