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Albino all in one Growkit

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1200 cc € 33.96
2100 cc € 51.37
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Albino All-in-one Growkit

This Growkit can you place between the Mexican and Ecuadorian All-in-one Growkit in. The name says it all himself, mushrooms and Mainly hats Have A very pale Radiance. Does this door The lack of pigment in the mushrooms. The steel is fleshy and ivory, while the base is covered with a white fuzz.
It is important to Albino All-in-One Growkit to grow in the dark (not full darkness).

The All-in-One Growkit Contains everything you need to interpret your own Magic Mushrooms grow. So you can cultivate self Smartific old Trusted Quality Mushrooms.
Only water Add and follow the instructions. The All-in-one Growkit Growkit Contains besides the growkit also a grow bag with air filter and two paper clips.

The grow kit is available in1200cc and 2100cc. The 1200cc grow your average 400 grams, and 2,100 cc average 800 grams of fresh mushrooms. Average Is there a grow kit Three Flights appears possible. It is true that the first flight usually delivers the largest yield.
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