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Mexican all in one Growkit

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250 cc € 19.98
1200 cc € 33.96
2100 cc € 51.37
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Mexican all in one Growkit |

The Mexican all in one Growkit produces delicious sombrero tinted mushrooms on. It is also nice that this magic mushroom grow kit is growing very rapidly. There are reports that the magic mushrooms begin to grow immediately after the start. The Mexicaance Magic Mushrooms are one of the oldest types of space mushrooms. The active substance, psilocybe cubensis is very high in this grow kit. The trip which lead to the Mexican mushroom is characterized by creative ideas with strong visual effects. The kit comes complete and ready to use.

In Smartific the Mexican all in one Growkit available in 250cc, 1200cc and 2100cc. Most people grow with a 250cc magic mushroom grow kit about 100 grams of fresh mushrooms. The 1200cc growkit usually delivers 400 grams and can 2100cc up to 1kg Magic Mushrooms. In all kits you can harvest about 3 flushes.

Please note that the magic mushroom grow kit should be kept refrigerated. Outside cooling the grow kit is perishable. Quick start growing so!

Click here for the grow instructions.

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