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Banisteriopsis caapi

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Banisteriopsis caapi

a vine, is the main ingredient of ayahuasca, a traditional medicinal tea from the Amazon region. This plant is one of the most discussed topics in ethnobotany and indigenous medicine expertise.

Indigenous shamans and others say that with an infusion of only the B. caapi vine is a different frame of mind can enter. This requires much practice. Furthermore, this plant by most of the 72 strains that we know to drink ayahuasca, considered the "master plan", which provided concrete information on other plants. They claim that the vine is responsible for their excellent botanical knowledge.

In general, there is a second plant which contains the visionary substance DMT, is added to the infusion. If you only take DMT orally, it is broken down by certain enzymes and thus is not psychoactive. The B. caapi temporarily disable these enzymes, allowing the DMT to become active. This process is called monoamine oxidase inhibition, which is the primary effect of this plant.

When it's in small pieces, halt the plant material in enough water and you will take it to a boil. Once it boils, put 't on' s lowest fire on your stove that is possible. Some leave it stand 4 hours, another 12 hours. Usually there is also in between water was added, in order to ensure that there is enough water for all the active ingredients to dissolve. If the infusion is finished, the plant material is filtered out with a t-shirt or something similar. The water is then boiled down to a volume suitable for drinking.

Some recipes add various amounts of lemon juice or vinegar to the extraction process to accelerate. Sometimes the same plant material for 2 or 3 separate extracts of 60 - 120 minutes each use. These extracts are then packed in a pan and boiled to a volume suitable for drinking.

A typical dose for use of the vine may lie between 25 and 150 grams, depending on the type, quality, and the objective, of course, the sensitivity of the drinker. In ayahuasca-type brews where DMT is usually between 50 and 100 grams for using lower doses and 100 to 150 grams in higher doses.

Some people use B. caapi before another psychedelic use, which in most cases psilocybin mushrooms. According to some, the vine will ensure that the effects of mushrooms last longer and (much) stronger. In addition, given the general experience in a different direction. Depending on other factors, it is 25 grams or more are used.

B. caapi contains MAO inhibitors. This means that it can be very dangerous when combined with certain foods or other psychoactives that are not normally harmful.

50 Gram
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